This game has been in my collection for about 12 years. No one in my household smokes. My games are kept in the basement. The basement temp doesn't change much from season to season and the humidity is kept at about 45% - 50%. This game was bought from an op and it was on route. I can't say the route was smoke free. The game doesn't smell, but by some of the stains it may have been in a bar, IDK.

Cosmetically the game is in poor shape (which is why I have it as a D rating on VAPS)

Pictures 9153 - 9162 are your basic over view of the game (playfield later)

9153 - 9154 - 9157

9158 - 9159 - 9160

9161 - 9162

The next set of pictures show the backbox board set. It's been a long time since I've had to work on any of the boards, but I believe I did the grounding mod. The NiCd battery has been removed before any acid damage could occur. This mod moved the battery pack to the lower right of the back box. All the electrolytic caps have been changed out about 5 years ago.

9163 - 9164 - 9165

9166 - 9167 - 9168


The inside isn't too bad. Stained a little in the front and the coinbox wood has been broke. The speaker is loose. The power supply was rebuilt about a year ago. I noticed the lights were very dim and found a rectifer had blown and it was missing a phase, so I rebuilt the whole thing. Didn't do the molex connectors on the wire side. The pic of the caps is something the op did. Must have ran out of .05uf caps, so he wire 5 .01uf caps together. Since I didn't have any myself and there really isn't anything "wrong", I left it. Other than that, the wiring is pretty solid. The plumb bob is missing. Since I don't abuse my games, I never needed to replace it.

9170 - 9171 - 9173

9174 - 9175 - 9176

9177 - 9178 - 9179


And now for the sad part... the playfield. As you can see... it's beat! Very worn and 3 cracked plastics. Not much anyone but a good artist can do for it. This is the way I bought it. I really don't know what that black stuff is. I think the op did that to keep the bare wood covered. I usually wax my games once a year. They might be played about 50 times during that time period. I use Maguires Caranuba wax. But, I have prevented any more damage to the playfield. It's coming up to that time to do it again. If you've noticed, in the last set of pics, I use an old take apart pool stick to hold the playfield up. I've always done that to prevent twisting of the playfield to help prevent more damage. Cheap 10 dollar tool that could mean another 20 years on any pin (Highly recommend if you don't do something like that yourself already). The "save" flipper is missing a rubber. I'll admit I robbed it to put in another pin that got played more and haven't replaced it yet cause I didn't want to place an order for 1 rubber and pay $10 in shipping.

9181 - 9182 - 9183

9184 - 9185 - 9186

9187 - 9188 - 9189

9190 - 9191

Extra parts and receipt/proof that I had the machine at lease since 2000.

9193 - 9194

Last we have the backglass and the working machine. Only 1 crack in the glass. Lower right, by the game over lamp. Other than that, the glass is near perfect.

9197 - 9198 - 9199

9200 - 9201

Game play and electronics are great. Could probably use a couple of leaf switch adjustments.